Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ansley's first day of 3 year old Preschool!

Thursday, Sept. 1st was Ansley's first day of 3 year old preschool! She is going on Tuesday/Thursday/Fridays and both she and I are very excited! She is excited because all of her friends are in her class and she just LOVES everything about school. I am excited because I can get stuff done around the house and with my job that will allow me more time to spend at night with Brett. :) So, all around, it was a great day last week when we celebrated the first day of school!!! Here are some pictures from her firstday. :) Enjoy!

In her backpack is herHelloKitty lunchbox and water bottle...she chose her lunch---salad with lettuce, red peppers, almonds, celery, and pumpkin seeds---I know what 3 year old requests salad? She had cantalope, yogurt, and a half of pb and j sandwich. She said on the way home that day..."My teachers wanted to eat my lunch, Mommy" :) I bet they did. :)

She looks so grown up!

She is so pretty and cute. :) Does anyone else think she looks just like Aunt Zizzie in this picture??

So happy Ansley loves school...I can't wait to hear all the funny stories she tells about what she does in class :) I have already heard some funny ones about some of her classmates getting in trouble...of course, she says that she never gets in trouble...we will see. :)


xxoo Tracy, Brett, Sullivan, and Ansley xxoo

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sully's first day of Kindergarten!!

I have a kid in Kindergarten. I have a kid in Kindergarten. I have a kid in Kindergarten! Yes, I had to write that three times, because sometimes I still can't believe it!!! Kindergarten is "real deal" school! This is the beginning of a lifetime of school for my little Sully! I used to think when he was a baby that it would be forever until he was in elementary school. Time has FLOWN by and here he is in Kindergarten. I am so proud of him and I am SO excited for him this year. He is so excited about school and for learning how to read. I know this year is going to be awesome. His two teachers, Ms. McDaniel and Ms. Elliot, seem great and Sully said he has already made some new friends. He LOVED the first day. He loved the bus, buying his lunch, his class, his teachers, he loved recess, P.E., riding the bus home with the Klockers (our neighbors), and he loved using his alarm clock! I am SO happy that he had a great first day and is just as excited for day 2 as he was for day 1! We are blessed to be in such a great school cluster and live in a neighborhood with such wonderful families. Yeah for Kindergarten!! Even though I still can't believe it...I mean, I am still to young for a kid in elementary school, right? hehe :)

He was so excited, he could barely eat his breakfast! :)

Of course Mommy made Sully pose for many pictures before heading to the bus stop :)

He is so cute. :)

Sully and our neighbor, Camille...she is in his class too!!! :)

Here comes the bus!!!

He didn't even look back...just hopped right on! :)

It was cute to watch his little head walk down the isle to find a seat :)

Someone was a little sad to see him go....

What a sweet, sad face. Don't worry, Ansley, he will be back! :)

Time to come home!

All smiles! Must of been a fun day!

He melted my heart when he came running with his arms stretched out for a hug! xxoo

Sully and The Klockers!

Yeah for a great first day!!!

Sully's Birthday party!!

I always let my kids choose where and what they want for their birthday parties. Luckily, they have really easy party ideas. This year, Sully just wanted all his friends to come to the park and hit a pinata...I thought, "I can do that!" So, that is what we did! We had his friends come to our park in the neighborhood and had lunch, cupcakes, and pinata time. It was a small group because we had to cancel the original date due to rain, so some of his friends were unable to come the next day. Sully still had a blast and was SO excited about the pinata!! Yeah for fun parties with friends!! I am so glad it was a fun, sunny day and Sully had fun. Thanks everyone who made the effort to come celebrate 6 years of a Sully!! :)
Sully and Ansley had fun stuffing the pinata the morning of the party!

Lunch with the ladies...

Ansley's buddies...

A sweaty Ansley...

Pinata time!!! Go Sully!!

Go Ansley!!

Since none of the kids were able to break the pinata with the hat, they all held on to the string and pulled hard...

Out came the candy!!!!

Cupcake time...Sully did a great job blowing out the candle! :)

Sully had a great birthday! I can't believe he is six years old!

This year he wrote a list and was really specific with what he wanted...he got everything on his list...his presents were...Transformers, legos, Cars 2 Cars, a remote control car, an alarm clock (too funny), markers, workbooks, Nerf shooter guns, a penguin pillow pet, the movie "Rio", hot wheels, and some fun games. What a list, Sully...he is a lucky kid. :)

Enjoy the pictures!! xxoo Tracy, Brett, Sullivan, and Ansley xxoo

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Sully!!!

Happy Birthday Sully!!!
Sully had a great birthday! We started the day at J. Christophers for breakfast and presents and then played with friends at Catch Air all day because of the rain. Then, for dinner we went to a hibachi and sushi place to celebrate with Pwetty, Pip, and Zizzie. It was a super fun day for Sully!!!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Time to catch up!

It is embarrassing how long I went this time in between blog posts...I guess life with 2 kids while juggling a job and training for triathlons has left little time for blogging. I love this blog...in fact, I have started making books out of my blog (thanks Becky for the tip!) so I can keep my blog forever. It has always served as my journal and "baby book" to help me remember firsts and big milestones. Well, I don't have babies anymore and the milestones are fewer and further between...my little baby girl is closer to 4 than 3 and Sully just celebrated his 6th birthday! Everyone always told me that time would fly by when I have kids...they were right...the days really do fly! We move from one adventure to the next and here we are at 6 months of no blogs!

So, a brief update of what the kids have been up to...

Sully had an incredible year at pre-K. He really blossomed and learned a lot. He loves school and is really excited to learn how to read this year. He loves to sit on the couch or sit on his bed and look at books. He is starting to make connections between letters, sounds, and words, and he often tells me that he can't wait to read so he can know what the words are in his books even when Brett and I can't read to him. He is so sweet and loving and seems to be my analytical kid...he thinks a lot about things and will ask very detailed questions. I know that he is going to do great in K this year! He has become quite good at riding his 2 wheeler bike---in fact, he has shown an interest in triathlons and has done 1 race and is signed up for another! You know Mommy has probably inspired this interest, which makes it so fun for me to see him excited about something I love to do :) He also seems to be good at tennis...he loves to go play with Brett and has used some of this hand-eye-coordination to become quite good at Ping Pong! He loves playing at Pweety and Pip's house and is actually quite good...ha! So funny! Sully was on our neighborhood swim team and did awesome!!! He swam the backstroke and freestyle in the meets and really liked it. It was so fun to watch him swim this summer! This fall he is going to take tennis lessons and I think he wants to give soccer another try...we will see...we let Sully take the lead, so I am interested to know what he ends up loving. Sully loves TV...he would drop anything and everything for a "Sully movie" or DVD movie---he calls TV shows "Sully movies" not sure why :) Not my favorite activity, but great when I am trying to get dinner on the table. :) I have a feeling that K this year is going to be awesome for Sully...he is totally ready and prepared, so I think this year is going to be great! :)

Ansley is SO different from Sully---she definitely has her Mommy's personality and Great PP's personality. She is constantly on the go and never really stops moving or talking unless she is tired, watching TV, or sleeping. She is very stubborn and likes things "Ansley's way" She is very determined--once she told me as we were walking up a big hill "I will not give up" that sums her up...if she wants something she does not give up...that is a quality that will help her be very successful in whatever she decides to do in life, but as her Mommy...it wears me out. :) Ansley is extremely cuddly and my favorite thing to do is to lay in bed with Ansley in the early morning and cuddle cheek to cheek. She can't get close enough when she is cuddling. Ansley has a lot of spunk in her and she tests me everyday...she can tantrum with the best of them, but when she is happy she is literally the sweetest child...she has so much love for life and for her family and friends. Ansley learned to swim on her own this summer and played soccer this Spring. Soccer was hilarious because Ansley didn't really get into the games all that much, but she had fun and seeing her in her soccer uniform was hilarious! Ansley loves school and will be in three-day preschool this year and in class with all of her best friends...her new teachers are going to be challenged with this group of crazy kids coming in. :) I'm excited to have 3 mornings a week to get some work done :)

Here are some pictures to share and I will have a few more blog posts to follow...

4th of July Pictures...

Pony rides!

That is one sweet face. :)

Serious Sully

Sully was so excited when he saw himself in the mirror...look at that face! :)

Enjoy all the blogs to follow...

xxoo Tracy, Brett, Sullivan, and Ansley xxoo